Physical Therapy — Speech Therapy — Occupational Therapy — Feeding Therapy For Infants & Children

Our Team

Our multi-disciplinary team of licensed occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech-language pathologists consists of more than 50 professionals who specialize in the field of pediatrics.   Additionally, our administrative team works diligently to assist you with all of your scheduling, billing and insurance needs.  We are dedicated to providing the highest quality services to children with developmental delays and disabilities. In partnership with parents and caregivers, our team works to create an effective individualized treatment program for each child and family.  We believe that parents and caregivers have a necessary role as team members in creating and implementing their child’s treatment.  Together, therapists and parents work on goals that apply directly to the child and build a program that will help create therapeutic opportunities for their child outside of the therapy session.

Each member of our team is committed to ongoing professional development.  We hold weekly team meetings, collaborate with health care specialists in the community, participate in research studies and host nationally renowned courses at our facility. 

Occupational Therapists

  • Alysia Cole, OTR/L, OTD
  • Carol Neuwirth, MS, OTR/L
  • Christa Velenger, MOT, OTR/L
  • Christina Durham, MOT, OTR/L
  • Deb Conklin, OTR/L
  • Emily McCue, MS, OTR/L
  • Erin Schaefer, MS, OTR/L
  • Jackie Matthius, MS, OTR/L
  • Jodi Gardner, OTR/L
  • Kaitlyn Bevacqua, MS, OTR/L
  • Karen Sclafani, MOT, OTR/L
  • Katheryne Wall, MS, OTR/L
  • Kelli Patrick, OTR/L
  • Kelly Cusick, MS, OTR/L
  • Keri Hunger, MOT, OTR/L
  • Kim Charette, OTR/L
  • Lauren Labrecque Gallagher, OTR/L
  • Lauren Bigelsen, MS, OTR/L
  • Melissa Galbreath, MS, OTR/L
  • Sarah DeFilippis, MS, OTR/L
  • Suzy Albanese, MS, OTR/L
  • Stefanie Lukins, MS, OTR/L
  • Therese Wilman, MS, OTR/L

Physical Therapists

  • Angela Kontos, PT, DPT
  • Danielle Rupp, PT, DPT
  • Emily Nolze, PT, MPT
  • Erin Alspach, PT, DPT, C/NDT
  • Jamie Douglass, PT, DPT
  • Katie Marsala, PT, MPT
  • Kristy Caldarella, PT, MPT, C/NDT
  • Marita Black, PT, DPT
  • Mary Riter, PT

Administrative Team

Shrewsbury Office:

  • Meghan Cunningham, Authorization Manager
  • Rebecca Sneath, Billing Specialist and Receptionist
  • Lauren O'Connor, Scheduling Manager
  • Sally Rocco, Front Office Specialist
  • Deanna Bochicchio, Receptionist
  • Lisa Ern, Human Resources

Wall Office:

  • Karen Botts, Office Manager
  • Amanda Lazaro, Receptionist
  • Marissa Bonaccolta, Billing Specialist and Receptionist
  • Danielle Liggines, Receptionist
  • Christine Dolan, Claims Specialist
  • Tony Caldarella, Director of Operations

Speech-Language Pathologists

  • Kelly Sheehan, MS, CCC-SLP
  • Gwynn Neves, MA, CCC-SLP
  • Alissa Boyne MS, CCC-SLP
  • Benita Mancini-Ajello, MS, CCC-SLP
  • Cristine Tedesco, MS, CCC-SLP
  • Caitlin Flannigan, MA, CCC-SLP
  • Erin Koehler, MS, CCC-SLP
  • Gabriella Curry, MS, CCC-SLP
  • Helena Calvosa, MA, CCC-SLP
  • Jennifer Walk, MA, CCC-SLP
  • Jessica Stofik, MA, CCC-SLP
  • Jessica Wilson, MS, CCC-SLP
  • Katherine Tappan-Verderosa, MS, CCC-SLP
  • Kaylan Pauli, MS, CCC-SLP
  • Kelsie Teehan, MS, CCC-SLP
  • Kristine Kreutzer MA, CCC-SLP
  • Kristine Thompson, MS, CCC-SLP, PC
  • Laura Meinster MS, CCC-SLP
  • Lorraine Parker MA, CCC-SLP
  • Marisa Mazzaro, MS, CCC-SLP
  • Mary Dorsi, MA, CCC-SLP
  • Michele Holowatch, MA, CCC-SLP 
  • Michelle Natalino, MA CCC-SLP
  • Regina Facchino MA, CCC-SLP/
  • Sarah Wichilfil, MA, CCC-SLP
  • Sari Steinberg, MS, CCC-SLP

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